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C Program to make a Calculator – Source Code

C Calculator Program Source Code : C program with full illustration in comments is given here for making a Calculator in C. You can make this Calculator program to perform any operations you want but we have made this only for following operations:

  1. Addition (a+b)
  2. Subtraction (a-b)
  3. Multiplication (a*b)
  4. Division (a/b)
  5. Modulus (a%b)
  6. Factorial (a!)
  7. Power (a^b)

Remember you can add any numb er of operations you want to do in this calculator you have to do only these things to add any operation.

  1. Add a function name in Function Prototype Declaration
  2. Add a switch case with assigned operator to call the function you have mentioned for calculating the result.
  3. Print the result or calculated value of the operation in the Function definition of the new added function.

You can make this program in other languages too i.e in C++ , Java , Python, etc. We will upload the other program too soon. Below is the C program to make a calculator.


Program to make a Calculator in C Language

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