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Java Program to check for a Kaprekar number

Here is given java program to check for a Kaprekar number.

But before what exactly is a Kaprekar number and why it is called a kaprekar number?

A Kaprekar number is a number whose square can be broken/partitioned in such a manner that the sum of the partitions adds up to bring the number itself.

Example: 992 = 9801 : 98+01 = 99  (hence a kaprekar number)

Why Kaprekar number. Kaprekar number is named after a great Indian Mathematician Kaprekar

DISCLAIMER:  This program is however limited to check until 99999 because int in java is of 4 bytes= (32 bits) i.e. range of -231 to +231 -1 (including 0) which makes: -2147483648 to +2147483647, Now since in this program 99999 2 exceeds the range for int so program is limited to produce kaprekar numbers until 99999.


c program for kaprekar number
Kaprekar number(Output-1)
program for kaprekar number
Kaprekar Number(Output-2)

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