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Java program to translate english to piglatin form

This is a program to convert a english word into piglatin form:

Piglatin form: Any word is converted into piglatin form by starting the word from the first vowel and adding the remaining part in the end followed by “AY”


converting a word into piglatin form
Java program for Piglatin form

Another Java program to convert whole english sentence to piglatin form:


Program to convert english to piglatin
Converting english into piglatin form

However, conversion of piglatin to english is not possible as you have to know the length of the word else you cant interpret the position of vowel in a word and roll back the changes in piglatin word. Thus latin to english translation is not possible if you dont have a latin dictionary.

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  1. Harshit Sir,

    The second code for Piglatin doesn’t generate a space between the words. I tried to find the missing link. You will need to replace line 19)ans+=a.substring(i,k)+temp+”AY “; with ans+=a.substring(i,k)+temp+”AY “+ ” “;

    By the way, thumbs up for your help and logic to this program. Finally I found it in your site.

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