Semalt Expert Explains How To Extract Data From A Website

Web scraping, also known as web data extraction, is a technique used for extracting information from the Internet. The web scraping tools access websites using the Hypertext Transfer Protocol and make it easy for us to extract data from multiple web pages. If you want to collect and scrape information from specific websites, you can try the following web scraping software.

1. 80 legs

It is one of the best data extraction tools. 80 legs is famous for its user-friendly interface. It figures out and structures data according to your requirements. It fetches the required information in seconds and can perform a variety of tasks at the same time. 80 legs is the prior choice of PayPal, MailChimp, and Facebook.

2. Spinn3r

With Spinn3r, we can fetch data and scrape the entire website conveniently. This tool extracts data from social media websites, news outlets, RSS and ATOM feeds and private blogs. You can save the data in JSON or CSV formats. Spinn3r scrapes data in more than 110 languages and removes spam from your files. Its admin console allows us to control the bots while the entire site is being scraped.

3. ParseHub

ParseHub can scrape data from websites that use cookies, redirects, JavaScript and AJAX. It has a comprehensive machine learning technology and a user-friendly interface. ParseHub identifies your web documents, scrapes them and provides the output in desirable formats. This tool is available for Mac, Windows, and Linux users and can handle up to four crawling projects at a time.


It is one of the best and most useful data scraping software. is famous for its cutting-edge technology and is suitable for programmers and non-programmers. It scrapes data from multiple web pages and exports it to CSV and JSON formats. You can scrape more than 20,000 web pages in an hour, and offers a free app for Windows, Linux and Mac users.


If you are looking to extract the entire website, you should try It is one of the best and most useful data scrapers and crawlers. is also known as Cloud Scrape and can handle hundreds of web pages per minute. Its browser-based edition sets up crawlers and extracts data in real-time. Once the data is extracted, you can save it on or Google Drive or download it to your hard drive directly.


This browser-based application structures and organizes your data conveniently. is best known for its data crawling properties and machine learning technology. With this service, you can crawl a massive amount of data from different sources in a single API. It is capable of scraping thousands of websites in an hour and does not compromise on quality. The data can be exported to XML, JSON and RSS formats.

7. Visual Scraper

This is a useful and user-friendly data extraction software. With Visual Scraper, you can fetch the data in real-time and can export it to formats like JSON, SQL, CSV, and XML. It is best known for its point-and-click interface and can scrape both PDF and JPG files.

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