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C Program to make a Calculator – Source Code


C Calculator Program Source Code : C program with full illustration in comments is given here for making a Calculator in C. You can make this Calculator program to perform any operations you want but we have made this only for following operations: Addition (a+b) Subtraction (a-b) Multiplication (a*b) Division (a/b) Modulus (a%b) Factorial (a!) Power (a^b) Remember you can add ...

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Online Free data storage Sites: Store Data on Cloud

Free Cloud Storage websites apps

For personal and private data storage people are now shifting to the cloud data storage sites. There are both paid and free versions of using data storage and you can get many options to go for the free version and also some cheap paid version for your data. Here are some online data storage Sites: #1 Dropbox This one is the ...

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Loan EMI Calculator Script and Widget


Loan EMI Calculator Javascript Code : Here is the EMI calculator for Loan when we have to calculate the Estimated Monthly Instalments (EMI) while taking loans here is the program how to make such calculator. Advantages: What all this EMI Calculator does? This is also a AJAX based JavaScript that calculates the results thereby without loading the page again. It provides you ...

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