Friday , January 30 2015
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How to Play Google Chrome offline dragon game

Chrome offline Dragon Game

Google Chrome offline dragon game: It had been always an issue for most of the internet users what to do when their internet connection is off. Chrome shows up the T-REX Dragon or some so call it as a dinosaur, that is always irritating. But how many of you do know that it is not a Tiny Dragon but a ... Read More »

c program to swap two numbers without using a third variable

swap two number

There are 4 tricks to swap two numbers without using a third variable. You can use of them for your program. However the trick #4 is the smartest, fastest & easiest of all. The trick used is nothing but basic mathematics fundamentals like: multipliaction, division and addition , subtraction. Further explanation is given below:   Read More »

Flying Plane Script to run on your website

Flying air Planes code/script to run on your website.This flying plane script is embedded on special occasions to give your websites a professional look: You will need a image and a javascript to run animation through that image: Method 1: Directly COPY PASTE  THIS IN YOUR HTML/BODY or If you have a wordpress blog then add a text/html widget and paste ... Read More »