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C Program to get current position of a mouse pointer

This is a C program to get the Current Mouse pointer location or position as a output in C Graphics. When you move your cursor the Mouse location will change with the pointer itself. This is a Program in C Graphics which used 3 user defined functions. hidemouseptr(); -> Used to hide the Mouse Pointer showmouseptr(); -> To Show the ...

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Agar.io Game Languages Used to Make It

Agar.io Has been a really addictive game for many game lovers. People are curious to know which language  has this game been written. The Game was developed by Matheus Valadares. Frequently asked questions: Q: Which language has Agar.io been written in? Answer: Agar.io has been built on C++, HTML 5, CSS and JAVASCRIPT Q: Which language is used to code Agario Client Side ...

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Program to Display Upper Triangular Matrix

What is Upper Triangular Matrix?  An upper triangular matrix is a square matrix in which all the elements below the diagonal are zero. We consider a Matrix U with ‘i’ rows and ‘j’ columns, then mathematically we represent the upper triangular matrix as In another word strictly upper triangular matrix is an upper triangular matrix having 0’s along the diagonal ...

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